VETS is a community run telephone system, and enables 11 Pebmarsh volunteers to be contacted at the same time, so hopefully one of them will be available to assist, pending the arrival of the emergency services.

VETS is designed to assist in the lone rescuer situation where the rescuer must stay with the patient, and yet needs help in fetching the Pebmarsh defibrillator. By using a single, memorable number unique to Pebmarsh, eleven telephones will ring in volunteer’s homes until one of the helpers accepts the call and is able to assist you. 

This is how it works: 

The person needing help must ALWAYS DIAL ‘999 AMBULANCE’ first

He/she should then call the VETS telephone number, and the 11 phones in VETS volunteers homes will ring simultaneously until one of them accepts the call. The person needing help will tell the helper their location, and the helper will then collect the defib, take it to the patient and assist in CPR and/or defib until the emergency services arrive. 

The all-important VETS tel. no. for Pebmarsh is:

01787 852 300

Please keep this number handy: if you need to call it will be in an emergency, and valuable time could be wasted searching for it.